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Great Hearts: Hey! The wealthy need segregated charters too!?

I noted neither a critical or opposing view in the first MYSA article, but David Safier, an Arizona blogger, has plenty of information on Great Hearts, a charter seeking to open schools in San Antonio. Is Great Hearts banking on segregation in their charters? Thanks to Karen from Houston for sending along the info for […]

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KIPP and New Zealand: An American export?

Thanks to Karen from Houston for sending along the info for this thread. What John Banks needs to explain about charter schools What does NZ have to learn from an overseas schooling model that discards 30% of the most disadvantaged children and 40% of African American boys? If KIPP is about ‘no excuses’, what’s your […]

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Decade of Education Outcome Data: Texas vs. California vs. New York vs. Nation

Today we are pleased to release the report Is Texas leading its peers and the nation?: A Decadal Analysis of Educational Data. The Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis at the University of Texas at Austin commissioned a policy this report in the spring of 2012 to examine education data for the state of Texas, […]

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PTII Education Nation

Melissa Harris-Perry Show: Demanding accountability from charters

During the second segment of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show at MSNBC’s Education Nation 2012, we discussed access to charter schools. Charters are “public” schools that are run by a variety of organizations such as intergovernmental (UT-Austin), community groups (Making Waves), large privately-operated corporate networks (KIPP). Regardless of who runs the charters, the current public consciousness is that charters are visions […]

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Another “Dirty Little Secret”?: KIPP, Charters, and Special Education

I received an email this morning from an educational professional from Houston. The issue of special needs students (English Language Learners, Special Education, etc) and charters is not going away. Hello Dr. Heilig, I viewed the panel on Education Nation that you were a part of and I wanted to thank you for trying to […]

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MHP @ MSNBC Education Nation: When data gets in the way of choice ideology

Today, at the end of the first segment of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show at MSNBC’s Education Nation 2012, my brief (alter)cation with firebrand journalist Jonathan Alter went something like this: Alter: Its folly to cap charters schools— silly NEA. What are you thinking? Vasquez Heilig: Here’s why. Because according to a Stanford study (conducted by […]

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Julian Vasquez Heilig on MSNBC Sunday September 23, 2012 between 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. EST

Tune in to the Melissa-Harris Perry Show on MSNBC Sunday September 23, 2012 between 10 a.m-12 p.m EST. In the fourth segment, I will appear on a panel with Journalist Jonathan Alter, Derrell Bradford, Executive Director of Better Education for Kids, and Lily Eskelsen, Vice-President of the National Education Association to discuss school choice at NBC’s Education Nation Student Town Hall […]

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“Illusion of Inclusion,” Article about Race and Standards in Harvard Educational Review

 In this article, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Keffrelyn Brown, and Anthony Brown offer findings from a close textual analysis of how the Texas social studies standards address race, racism, and communities of color. Using the lens of Critical Race Theory, the authors uncover the sometimes subtle ways that the standards can appear to adequately address race while […]

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New Video Q&A Forum

Ask educational policy questions at and receive a video answer.

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Back to School

I recently did an on-camera interview with YNN for their Back to School series. If you have TimeWarner, access to the videos is open, otherwise the print stories are available to the public. The print stories are here and here. My comments: “You can’t cut several billion dollars from the [Texas] education budget and expect […]

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High-Stakes Testing, Accountability and The Simpsons

Who knew that high-stakes testing and accountability also impacts Bart and Lisa Simpson? Check out the episode “How the Test Was Won” Bart accidentally receives a perfect score on a practice test for the upcoming Vice President’s Assessment Test, by writing “Slurp My Snot” across his page. This enables him to attend a special pizza […]

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