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Surprise Email Today from My Pre-K Teacher

There was a big surprise in my email inbox today… I have discussed Pre-K previously on Cloaking Inequity. Pre-K, a Gold Standard: “You certainly don’t get what you don’t pay for” was one of my early post back in 2012. I gave kudos to the San Antonio community for voting to spend tens of millions of dollars […]

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Academia Esoteric and Inaccessible?: Not this month

Oft heard critiques of academia is that our work is esoteric and/or inaccessible. Over the past few days I have released two new peer-reviewed studies here at Cloaking Inequity that have implications for school reform: School Turnaround: Calling the Bluff of Accountability? and Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating. The journal at the top of the […]

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CI’s First Infographic: Perks of Preschool

Clearly there is an infographic craze going around… They are kind of like a book with pictures. Why can’t Cloaking Inequity jump on board? So, here is a cool one about early childhood education from As discussed in an earlier post Pre-K, a Gold Standard: “You certainly don’t get what you don’t pay for” There […]

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For Each and Every Child: A New Nation At-Risk Report for 2013?

Is the new Nation At-Risk report for our decade here? The For Each and Every Child report was released at the end of February by the Equity and Excellence Commission, a congressionally mandated group. The Washington Post reported that there was disagreement amongst the committee members on the framing of the report— pitting making a sales pitch […]

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Pre-K, a Gold Standard: “You certainly don’t get what you don’t pay for”

I have had several emails from the readers of Cloaking Inequity asking about the Pre-K SA initiative recently passed in San Antonio. The official website states: Pre-K 4 SA is an investment in the children — and the future — of San Antonio. Children who attend high quality Pre-K programs do better in school from […]

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