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Finding the Keys to School Funding in your Pocket

Have you ever lost your keys? I did recently. I searched everywhere. I looked in the cushions of the sofa (always the most likely spot). I looked in yesterdays jeans (second most likely spot). I thought perhaps they might even be in my dirty laundry— so shirts— and other things— began flying through the air […]

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Photo Essay: This Newcomer School is Lovely

There has been allot of hullaballoo about young people crossing the US border trying to reunite with their family here in the United States. Teachers, our nation’s first responders, as they always have been, are involved in the education of our immigrant students. Dr. Pei Ling Lee wrote in her UT Austin dissertation entitled Recent High […]

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Video from my visit to MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry

From MSNBC: Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education, segregation remains in some public schools. ProPublica’s Nikole Hannah-Jones, The Advancement Project’s Judith Browne Dianis, Julian Vasquez Helig from the Educational Policy and Planning Program at the University of Texas, The Century Foundation’s Halley Potter and’s Trymaine Lee join Melissa Harris-Perry to discuss. The […]

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Happy Birthday!: A Conversation About Education With César E. Chávez

Happy Birthday César Chávez! Often education “reformers” toss around civil rights as a justification for their “reforms.” See for example Reframing the Refrain: Choice as a Civil Rights Issue. If he were still alive today, how would César Chávez have weighed in on the school “reform” movement? I pose several questions about hot topics in education reform— then I […]

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Breaking News: School Segregation Study Strikes A Nerve

Today’s Breaking News comic represents the non-difference between De facto and De jure segregation of schools. It is rare that an education study strikes a nerve in the media. However, our study Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating has caused a stir. (Click here for study) The Spanish media was first on the story when Univision produced Study […]

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Study Shows Triple Segregation Persists in Texas Schools

Last month I first shared Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating with Cloaking Inequity readers. Yesterday UT-Austin communications drafted a press release for the study (see below) so there was a flurry of media activity. Univision also profiled the study on their 5 p.m. news program. Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig       Dr. Jennifer Jellison Holme A first-of-its-kind […]

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ELs: Transformational power of policy, access, and equality

The New York Times wrote yesterday in Beyond Black and White, New Force Reshapes South The states with the highest growth in the Latino population over the last decade are in the South, which is also absorbing an influx of people of all races moving in from other parts of the country. This figure from the […]

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Academia Esoteric and Inaccessible?: Not this month

Oft heard critiques of academia is that our work is esoteric and/or inaccessible. Over the past few days I have released two new peer-reviewed studies here at Cloaking Inequity that have implications for school reform: School Turnaround: Calling the Bluff of Accountability? and Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating. The journal at the top of the […]

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Expansive School Segregation in Texas: Predicts Accountability Rating

Although U.S. schools are more racially diverse than ever before, they are growing increasingly segregated, with African American and Latina/o students attending more segregated schools than at any time in the past 20 years (Orfield, 2009). Although current levels of school segregation are reminiscent of the pre-Brown era, the demographics of students in U.S. schools […]

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V for Victory: Teach For America, ELLs, and California

Special Education and English Language Learners are considered vulnerable student populations. As a result, our society, courts, and policymakers have afforded these student populations special protections. However, in California, until recently, policy has allowed districts to offer rookie teachers limited access to training for teaching special populations— including Teach For America corps members. I have […]

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Battle for California: TFA Civil War, ELLs, and Teacher Quality

There is an update on the TFA civil war from California…I received the following letter via email from a source within the TFA alum circle. TFA alumni are organizing for teacher quality in the Golden State. TFA wants to be able continue to assign a revolving door of poorly trained (only 5 weeks in the summer) […]

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JVH and The Voice: Grad Rates, High-Stakes Testing, and ELs

Julian Vasquez Heilig discusses his paper, “Understanding the Interaction Between High Stakes Graduation Tests and English Learners” on the Teacher College Record web program The Voice. The Voice are videos featuring interviews about new educational research from the Teachers College Record. Search all episodes of The Voice at Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). Understanding the interaction […]

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When you think of school choice— what comes to mind?

When you think of school choice, what comes to mind? Vouchers? Charters? Intra- and Inter- district choice? Magnet schools? Today I received a forwarded email request from a senator that was gathering information in response to pressure for “school choice” bills at the Texas Legislature. I have been pondering “school choice,” and why it is […]

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Fi·ni·to: Vouchers and Educational Equity

The premise that vouchers create a competitive market place for students and parents is questionable once the assumption of who can actually compete in or benefit from that market place is considered. Unrestricted, universal school choice, has in practice increased the segregation of diverse learners (e.g. ability, SES, and Race/Ethnicity) (NEA, 2012). Why is this […]

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Melissa Harris-Perry Show: Demanding accountability from charters

During the second segment of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show at MSNBC’s Education Nation 2012, we discussed access to charter schools. Charters are “public” schools that are run by a variety of organizations such as intergovernmental (UT-Austin), community groups (Making Waves), large privately-operated corporate networks (KIPP). Regardless of who runs the charters, the current public consciousness is that charters are visions […]

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Another “Dirty Little Secret”?: KIPP, Charters, and Special Education

I received an email this morning from an educational professional from Houston. The issue of special needs students (English Language Learners, Special Education, etc) and charters is not going away. Hello Dr. Heilig, I viewed the panel on Education Nation that you were a part of and I wanted to thank you for trying to […]

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Julian Vasquez Heilig on MSNBC Sunday September 23, 2012 between 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. EST

Tune in to the Melissa-Harris Perry Show on MSNBC Sunday September 23, 2012 between 10 a.m-12 p.m EST. In the fourth segment, I will appear on a panel with Journalist Jonathan Alter, Derrell Bradford, Executive Director of Better Education for Kids, and Lily Eskelsen, Vice-President of the National Education Association to discuss school choice at NBC’s Education Nation Student Town Hall […]

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Immigrant DREAMs: The Texas 10% admissions plan, ELL student college choice and academic success

Vasquez Heilig, J., Rodriguez, C., & Somers, P. (2011). Immigrant DREAMs: The Texas 10% admissions plan, ELL student college choice and academic success. Journal of Latinos and Education, 10(2), 106-126. English learners (ELs) are facing unique issues in higher education that remain largely unexplored. This research focuses on college choice, enrollment and graduation of high-achieving ELs who were […]

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