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Naughty List?: Thoughts on Texas Legislature, KIPP, Carstarphen, and College

Kate McGee reported this morning on KUT NPR in the radio piece Austin Charter Focuses on College Prep Despite New Grad Requirements that KIPP Austin has set up a pretty sweet deal with St. Edwards University. Listen to the KUT story here. St. Edward’s University is partnering with KIPP Austin Charter school to help more of its students […]

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Invited Testimony: Same Shift, Different Day for Latinos and African Americans

Will the tracking of Latinos and African Americans into “practical” careers redouble? Will politicians and districts pass it off as “choice”? Morgan Smith from the Texas Tribune wrote: Only high school students who pursue an honors plan or a diploma specializing in math and science will have to take algebra II under recommendations that the Texas […]

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UT-Austin Black Graduation 2013

Rejoinder to Questions about Forces Determined to Segregate Higher Education

In the post “Merit” Apartheid: Forces Determined to Segregate Higher Education? I wrote: It appears more and more that there are forces that are determined to re-segregate higher education in Texas and elsewhere. The desegregation of higher education is currently inevitable in places like Texas under existing policies such at the Top Ten Percent Plan because of the rapidly […]

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From the Mailbag: Microaggressed about “Merit” Apartheid

Well, I am back from AERA. Had the great pleasure of hanging out with Kennet Santana, my freshman college roommate at the University of Michigan. He is an ELD teacher in the Bay Area (check out his classroom yearbook here on Youtube), and a hero of a school tragedy they never became one because of […]

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“Merit” Apartheid: Forces Determined to Segregate Higher Education?

It appears more and more that there are forces that are determined to re-segregate higher education in Texas and elsewhere. The desegregation of higher education is currently inevitable in places like Texas under existing policies such at the Top Ten Percent Plan because of the rapidly changing racial demographics of students in K-12 (Note: We examined […]

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JVH on KUT: “Education Experts Weigh Proposals’ Impact on Students”

Julian Vasquez Heilig gave an interview about “college” and “career” readiness to Veronica Zaragovia from KUT News. We briefly discussed the education bills passing through the Texas Legislature that are stirring debate on impact to students, especially minorities. See my earlier post Career and Tech: “Show me the money!” for thoughts on funding for career programs and the implications tracking students […]

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Dear college student with exorbitant tuition bill: Blame your legislator

Legislators would have you believe that college tuition costs are soaring because institutions of higher education are “inefficient” and/or us faculty are just too darn lazy, why aren’t professors in the classroom teaching 8 hours per day? (myopic view of what we actually do…) Why aren’t graduate school classes 100 students instead of 15-20? (ask […]

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Entitlement by “race”: What Abigail Fisher didn’t tell you…

Is it racist to think you are more qualified because of your ancestors? It seems that Abigail Fisher and her lawyers made an error assuming she was discrimininated against because of her “skin color.” She and her lawyers are preying upon the insecurity and insidiousness of racism that has sadly permeated our society for centuries. […]

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If it ain’t broke, break it: TX politicians now want NCLB for higher education

Texas politicians continue to be interested in finding elegant ways to reduce funding for public schools. Now they are aiming at the gems of our educational system— our colleges and universities. No Child Left Behind is coming to a Texas college and university near you. Yes, the Legislature that birthed NCLB wants to apply their […]

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When you think of school choice— what comes to mind?

When you think of school choice, what comes to mind? Vouchers? Charters? Intra- and Inter- district choice? Magnet schools? Today I received a forwarded email request from a senator that was gathering information in response to pressure for “school choice” bills at the Texas Legislature. I have been pondering “school choice,” and why it is […]

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“Black and Brown”: African American Males in HSIs

Citation: Reddick, R. J., Heilig, J. V., & Valdez, P. L. (2012). Bridging a Black-Brown Divide: Black Male Students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions In A. A. Hilton, J. L. Wood, & C. W. Lewis (Eds.), Black males in postsecondary education: Examining their experiences in diverse institutional contexts, (pp. 183-208). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Link to pre-published draft. What […]

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Originally posted on A "Fuller" Look at Education Issues:
IDEA Charter School markets itself as a college preparatory education organization with goals of enrolling 100% of graduates in four-year universities and have 100% persistence and graduation rates in college.[1] Indeed, in the introduction of the most recent annual report, Dr. Tom Torkelson, CEO…

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Race, Racism, Education, and Lino Graglia

Race and Racism. Is there a topic we struggle with more in the United States relative to public policy and education? I recently had an extended discussion with a long-time friend on Facebook regarding race, and what i perceived as a “racist” statement. We debated how racism should be defined… So what is exactly racism? […]

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Accountability: Are you ready for a new idea?

NEPC recently released a report entitled  Democracy Left Behind: How Recent Education Reforms Undermine Local School Governance and Democratic Education.  The press release states: “Local control” has been a bedrock principle of public schooling in America since its earliest days, but a new report concludes the concept “has all but disappeared” in discussions of education policy. […]

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Texas’ record on education: You saw it here first!

The official press release is now available for the Texas vs. California vs. New York vs. Nation educational outcomes policy report. You the readers of Cloaking Inequity saw it here first. Note to editors and news producers: University Communications at The University of Texas at Austin is providing the following news release in the form of text […]

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Racial Bias in Peer Review?

Currently, Fisher v. Texas is being decided at the US Supreme Court. As I was thinking about the case today, I recalled an issue that we had with the Journal of Equity and Excellence in Education (E&EE) regarding a manuscript about the Top 10% plan and the historical access of Latina/os to UT-Austin. We sought out […]

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Fisher v. Texas: Another civil rights movement on the way?

Students of color are again under attack in the Fisher v. Texas case currently being decided in the US Supreme Court. For past attacks see Bakke, Hopwood, Grutter and Gratz. Considering that Grutter upheld race as one of many factors under a decade ago, conservatives on the court appear to be determined to strike down race/ethnicity […]

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Decade of Education Outcome Data: Texas vs. California vs. New York vs. Nation

Today we are pleased to release the report Is Texas leading its peers and the nation?: A Decadal Analysis of Educational Data. The Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis at the University of Texas at Austin commissioned a policy this report in the spring of 2012 to examine education data for the state of Texas, […]

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