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Finding the Keys to School Funding in your Pocket

Have you ever lost your keys? I did recently. I searched everywhere. I looked in the cushions of the sofa (always the most likely spot). I looked in yesterdays jeans (second most likely spot). I thought perhaps they might even be in my dirty laundry— so shirts— and other things— began flying through the air […]

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Is Money spent on Public #Education Equitable?

A longstanding issue in school finance research and litigation concerns whether money spent on public education is equitable. Traditionally, researchers examined if money spent on public education was equitable across districts within the same state. Given that public education is partially funded by local property taxes, districts with higher property taxes generally spent more to […]

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Q: Do Charters Spend More on Administration? A: Yes

I received a question over email querying if charters spend more on administration aka school leadership. I used t-tests to compare school leadership per pupil spending means from the 2010-2011 school finance data (the most recent cleaned dataset on my laptop) for all schools in Texas. Here is what I found: In elementary, charters spend […]

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Starving Cow by R. Drown

The Teat: The Bloomberg Blues— A Starved Cow on Purpose

The Teat is a series on Cloaking Inequity that examines the financial backing of “reformers” who influence education policy. For this current installment in the series, I am going to examine Michael Bloomberg, the current mayor of New York, school “reformer,” and multibillionaire. To begin, every post in The Teat series has a Haiku: Children […]

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Politicians… don’t change the subject… The real problem with education…

@ProfessorJVH joins Vine Click link above for Vine short. Professors can be technologically savvy too. :) Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Want to know about Cloaking Inequity’s freshly pressed conversations about educational policy? Click the “Follow blog by email” button in the upper left hand corner […]

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Ulterior Motives?: School “Reform”, Rich, Poor, and Land Grabs

Cloaking Inequity has explored the ulterior motives of school “reformers” in prior posts (See for example Walking Away From High Stakes Tests, A Noble Lie and Letter to Civil Rights and school “choice” advocate (p.s. neoliberals skip this) and Update on Smart ALEC: Education, Privatization, and the Pursuit of Profit. Recently, Leslie T. Fenwick, the Dean of the Howard School of Education explored […]

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Dollar Bill Ya’ll: Speculative Bubble(s) in Education?

At the recent AERA conference in San Francisco, I was having a conversation with a local San Franciscan. He we mentioning that he was disappointed that he had not been able to take financial advantage of the last two “bubbles.” He was asking aloud what other thought was going to be the next “bubble.” I […]

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Next-to-Last Place Ribbon of Honor: Cheapistas in Denial

Have you noticed that the same jokers that are telling us our public schools are inadequate are the same jokers that have inadequately funded our schools for decades ($5.4 billion most recently in Texas)? In fact, the cheapistas want to wear the fact that Texas is next to last in school spending as a ribbon […]

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Frank Convo with KIPP’s Mike Feinberg: Do you call BS?

I had a coffee conversation with Mike Feinberg yesterday. About two weeks ago Mike Feinberg contacted me via email about one of my posts on Cloaking Inequity. He related that he wanted to clarify the conversation about KIPP’s funding. I agreed to meet with him at the Blanton Museum Café at UT-Austin for a coffee […]

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School Closure and Race Infographic: Something fishy going on in Chicago?

As discussed in an earlier post, I travelled last week to Chicago for a panel discussion on Reframing Reform: Achieving Equity and Excellence in Public Education held by The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability. As you might expect, the Chicago Public School closures was a prominent part of the conversation. Jitu Brown, a parent and community organizer in […]

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Top Ten List: Why “choice” demonstrates that money matters

Apologize for the CI hiatus. I have six PhD students that want to graduate, which translates to about 1,000 pages dissertation reading these past few days. I recently had a conversation with a conservative Harvard-trained attorney last Saturday in Houston. We were discussing Finland (I blogged about Finland a few weeks ago) and her point […]

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TX House Source: Vouchers go down (again)

Diane Ravitch just posted this. A source on one of the House staffs just sent me his assessment anonymously. He also weighs in on the relationship between vouchers and current Texas school finance case: Vouchers just basically died in the House…. The amendment basically prohibits public dollars for public education going to private schools.  So […]

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The Teat: Neoliberals, students first or padding adults’ pockets

Today The Teat returns to discuss neoliberal education “reformers.” Reformers argue that their approach is about “students first”… parent trigger, online courses, universal charters, Teach For America, vouchers, anti-organizing, school closings etc… if you are to believe the “reformers,” all of these efforts are about the students… not about the adults… Who is paying the bills for […]

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For Each and Every Child: A New Nation At-Risk Report for 2013?

Is the new Nation At-Risk report for our decade here? The For Each and Every Child report was released at the end of February by the Equity and Excellence Commission, a congressionally mandated group. The Washington Post reported that there was disagreement amongst the committee members on the framing of the report— pitting making a sales pitch […]

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Water into Wine?: Jeb Bush, Cheapistas, and Educational Reform

Jeb is in the building. Another Bush (and his junior) is in the capitol today in Austin to discuss the education miracle that Florida purportedly achieved on the cheap. As discussed yesterday, there is a cadre of politicians that believe we can get something for nothing. That we can do education cheaper and cheaper. That […]

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Meta: Education “Reform” on the cheap?

We all have that friend that looks around mystified because they have accidently forgotten their wallet— again. I remember one Valentine’s Day in college I was invited by two Puertoriqueñas to dinner. After dinner, I realized my wallet was missing. One of the Puertoriqueñas said, “Typical.” Fortunately, that day my wallet had just fallen out of my […]

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When you think of school choice— what comes to mind?

When you think of school choice, what comes to mind? Vouchers? Charters? Intra- and Inter- district choice? Magnet schools? Today I received a forwarded email request from a senator that was gathering information in response to pressure for “school choice” bills at the Texas Legislature. I have been pondering “school choice,” and why it is […]

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Live School Finance Discussion on KXAN NBC

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