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Uncovering Lies and Damn Lies in Arne Duncan’s Graduation Rates

Has your state experienced a meteoric rise in its graduation rate since Arne Duncan’s new graduation standards went into effect? Do you think it too good to be true? Nobody likes to be lied to. The latest Arne Duncan sleight of hand is the reporting and trumpeting of graduation rates. The Washington Post related: Calling it […]

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Stanford and Dropouts: “Perry Makes Galveston Disappear”

Jason Stanford wrote a BRILLIANT piece about Texas supposedly #4 in the nation graduation rates. This is journalist gold. In early January I conducted an analysis of the graduation data via a FOIA request. Clearly the Lone Star State is lying to the feds ala Atlanta and El Paso. Will the feds really allow Texas […]

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Texas Lies to Feds: Enrontize Federal Graduation Data

At the end of 2012, with much fanfare Texas trumpeted that its 86% Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR) was 4th in the nation. (For more on the ACGR go here). This would be a miraculous achievement for the Lone Star State. As we show in Is Texas leading its peers and the nation?: A Decadal Analysis of […]

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Lurking in the Bushes: Peeking at Florida Education Miracle

There is another education presidential candidate lurking in the Bushes with an education “miracle” being discussed extensively in the media and elsewhere. Critics have pointed out that the miracle in Florida is no more real than the education miracle in Texas that spawned No Child Left Behind a decade ago— another elegant illusion of numbers? Some […]

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