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JVH on KUT: “Education Experts Weigh Proposals’ Impact on Students”

Julian Vasquez Heilig gave an interview about “college” and “career” readiness to Veronica Zaragovia from KUT News. We briefly discussed the education bills passing through the Texas Legislature that are stirring debate on impact to students, especially minorities. See my earlier post Career and Tech: “Show me the money!” for thoughts on funding for career programs and the implications tracking students […]

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Are charters better on “college readiness” for Latina/os?

After my testimony to the TX Senate Committee on Education on charters yesterday, someone stopped me in the hallway of the capitol and responded to a portion of my testimony by arguing essentially that charters are over-represented in the Latina/o college-readiness (majority of school college-ready) data relative to non-charter public schools. This is an interesting hypothesis […]

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Originally posted on A "Fuller" Look at Education Issues:
IDEA Charter School markets itself as a college preparatory education organization with goals of enrolling 100% of graduates in four-year universities and have 100% persistence and graduation rates in college.[1] Indeed, in the introduction of the most recent annual report, Dr. Tom Torkelson, CEO…

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