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NCAA Bans K12 Inc. Online Charters: No Rose Bowl, No Final Four

The NCAA has banned K12 Inc. In the future, athletes that are relying on K12 online coursework will no longer be eligible to play college sports. The NCAA will stop accepting coursework from these schools starting with the 2014–15 school year. Coursework completed from Spring 2013 through Spring 2014 will undergo additional evaluation on a case-by-case basis […]

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From the Mailbag: You, sir, are no reformer

Hi Professor, I’m a Stanford grad and receive alerts when you post messages on the LinkedIn group, Stanford School of Ed alumni. I just wanted to express my nearly complete disagreement with your anti-reform beliefs. I wish you well. All best, XXXX A year or two ago I attend a conference at Stanford University. The format of the conference […]

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Harlem Shake: Rhee, Alter, Jeb, and Rick Perry

Breaking News: One of the Harlem Shake YouTube sensation videos featured Michelle Rhee, Jonathan Alter, Jeb Bush and Rick Perry. Who knew!? Also for your viewing pleasure: UT-Austin Harlem Shake  

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Water into Wine?: Jeb Bush, Cheapistas, and Educational Reform

Jeb is in the building. Another Bush (and his junior) is in the capitol today in Austin to discuss the education miracle that Florida purportedly achieved on the cheap. As discussed yesterday, there is a cadre of politicians that believe we can get something for nothing. That we can do education cheaper and cheaper. That […]

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Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education: “Pay to Play, Reap profits”?

Corporate Interests Pay to Play to Shape Education Policy, Reap profits. From In The Public Interest: Emails Show Bush-Led Organization’s ALEC-Like Role in State Policymaking Emails between the Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), founded and chaired by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and state education officials show that the foundation is writing state education […]

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Lurking in the Bushes: Peeking at Florida Education Miracle

There is another education presidential candidate lurking in the Bushes with an education “miracle” being discussed extensively in the media and elsewhere. Critics have pointed out that the miracle in Florida is no more real than the education miracle in Texas that spawned No Child Left Behind a decade ago— another elegant illusion of numbers? Some […]

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