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From the Mailbag: You, sir, are no reformer

Hi Professor, I’m a Stanford grad and receive alerts when you post messages on the LinkedIn group, Stanford School of Ed alumni. I just wanted to express my nearly complete disagreement with your anti-reform beliefs. I wish you well. All best, XXXX A year or two ago I attend a conference at Stanford University. The format of the conference […]

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Breaking Bad: Tax-Credit Scholarships aka NeoVouchers

Is it possible to compare the AMC show Breaking Bad to the latest goings on with Neovouchers? I started watching Breaking Bad last month, and I am only 3 episodes from catching up to the rest of the world. So let’s give it a try. First. What is a Neovoucher? NEPC: Tax-credit voucher programs–dubbed “neovouchers” in […]

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Fi·ni·to: Vouchers and Educational Equity

The premise that vouchers create a competitive market place for students and parents is questionable once the assumption of who can actually compete in or benefit from that market place is considered. Unrestricted, universal school choice, has in practice increased the segregation of diverse learners (e.g. ability, SES, and Race/Ethnicity) (NEA, 2012). Why is this […]

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Vouchers Deep in the Heart of Texas?

As discussed previously here: I have often posted on school vouchers over the past few months. Why? There are factions inTexas, Louisiana and elsewhere that still argue they are efficacious educational policy and are pressing them into law. They are not. See CI’s thread on vouchers here. This post was written in conjunction with someone who wishes to […]

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Introduction: Are Vouchers a Panacea or Problematic? Pt. I

The rumors are that Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to declare vouchers “emergency legislation.” Dan Patrick, recently appointed head of the Texas Senate Education Committee, is also pushing for “choice.” The Houston Chronicle stated: Patrick is a strong supporter of school vouchers, which would allow tax money to flow to private and religious schools. The […]

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