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Lurking in the Bushes: Peeking at Florida Education Miracle

There is another education presidential candidate lurking in the Bushes with an education “miracle” being discussed extensively in the media and elsewhere. Critics have pointed out that the miracle in Florida is no more real than the education miracle in Texas that spawned No Child Left Behind a decade ago— another elegant illusion of numbers? Some say the skeptics are wrong

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The Current and Dire State of African American Males

Scholars have considered the status of the African American male in recent years, relating terms such as “crisis,” “disappearing,” and “vanishing” regarding his educational experience (Blake & Darling, 1994; Harper, 2006). Social commentators, such as Illinois Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds— who recently remarked that Black men are more interested in drugs than education (Kacich, 2010)— often focus on perceived

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Race and NCLB Waivers: Moving Around the Chairs?

In the recent vote for 2012 Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award, the Florida SBOE race-based test score goals came in a close second to TFA for the prize. In fact, two of my Linkedin connections made the following comments in response the posting:  I vote for ALL ESEA waivers that systematize the achievement gap in many, many states outside of Texas.

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