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Standards, kissing, and the voice of a teacher

It has been quiet here on Cloaking Inequity because we just buttoned up finals and grades at UT-Austin. So let’s get back to it and chat a little bit about standards. Since their roll-out across the nation in the 1990s, standards have continued front and center due to their linkage with high-stakes testing and accountability. I have discussed standards on CI here. I

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From Friend to Foe: Austin 1, IDEA 0

Unbeknownst to some, current “reform” efforts are interconnected. One example is Teach for America and IDEA charter schools (KIPP is another corporate charter management organization started by former TFAers). IDEA was founded in 2000 by Tom Torkelson and JoAnn Gama, TFA corps members. How about a little nepotism for TFAers at IDEA? TFA also gave out awards to IDEA’s TFAers. IDEA is often in the media and framed as a

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Originally posted on A "Fuller" Look at Education Issues:
IDEA Charter School markets itself as a college preparatory education organization with goals of enrolling 100% of graduates in four-year universities and have 100% persistence and graduation rates in college.[1] Indeed, in the introduction of the most recent annual report, Dr. Tom Torkelson, CEO of IDEA Public Schools, makes…

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Exclusive to Cloaking Inequity: Whiskey, Sandals, Teasing, and High-Stakes Tests

The federal courts first took up high-stakes testing in Debra P v. Turlington and refused to overturn them despite their disparate impact on students of color in Florida. About a decade ago, Texas was sued by Texans in federal court GI Forum v. TEA, (American GI Forum is a veterans group), for the longstanding battery of high-stakes exit tests which

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“Time to invest in Latino children”

Had an interview/conversation yesterday with Sandra Lilley (She’s featured in my Twitter background photo) from NBCLatino. Her article Census shows it’s time to invest in Latino children, says experts discussed the growth of Latina/os in U.S. Schools: By 2060 Latinos will be nearly one of every three Americans, according to the latest Census report released today.  As the immigration and globalization expert Marcelo

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Race, Racism, Education, and Lino Graglia

Race and Racism. Is there a topic we struggle with more in the United States relative to public policy and education? I recently had an extended discussion with a long-time friend on Facebook regarding race, and what i perceived as a “racist” statement. We debated how racism should be defined… So what is exactly racism? The word conjures images of

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