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WaPo: An education reform warning for Democrats

The Washington Post recently reblogged a post that appeared on the Education Opportunity Network, a new online publication edited by Jeff Bryant. Here is an excerpt from the post entitled An education reform warning for Democrats. Holding School Accountability To Account To answer that question, Texas-based education professor Julian Vasquez Heilig has spent a lot of time examining the results of the Texas

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Water into Wine?: Jeb Bush, Cheapistas, and Educational Reform

Jeb is in the building. Another Bush (and his junior) is in the capitol today in Austin to discuss the education miracle that Florida purportedly achieved on the cheap. As discussed yesterday, there is a cadre of politicians that believe we can get something for nothing. That we can do education cheaper and cheaper. That we can cut billions and

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Meta: Education “Reform” on the cheap?

We all have that friend that looks around mystified because they have accidently forgotten their wallet— again. I remember one Valentine’s Day in college I was invited by two Puertoriqueñas to dinner. After dinner, I realized my wallet was missing. One of the Puertoriqueñas said, “Typical.” Fortunately, that day my wallet had just fallen out of my pocket onto the floor and

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JVH and The Voice: Grad Rates, High-Stakes Testing, and ELs

Julian Vasquez Heilig discusses his paper, “Understanding the Interaction Between High Stakes Graduation Tests and English Learners” on the Teacher College Record web program The Voice. The Voice are videos featuring interviews about new educational research from the Teachers College Record. Search all episodes of The Voice at Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). Understanding the interaction between high-stakes graduation tests and

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