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¡Viva La Causa!: Happy Birthday César Chávez

What do you think César Chávez would have to say about “Right to Work”? Chicago school closings? Parent Trigger? Vouchers? Do you think he would be a member of Democrats for Education Reform?… César Chávez was a union leader…he fought the neoliberals every day of his life. ¡Sí, se puede! ¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! The only answer, the only hope, is in organizing. The Union is

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Letter to Civil Rights and school “choice” advocate (p.s. neoliberals skip this)

Dear Civil Rights and choice advocate, I have noticed that some Civil Rights advocates are supporting and leading the school “choice” movement. They are searching for alternatives as our nation has consistently and purposely underserved students of color. As one reformer from Los Angeles told me, Latina/os and African Americans have been forced to attend “f_cked up schools” for decades. In

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Teach For America Civil War: A sincere tell-all from New York City

A Cloaking Inequity reader made me aware of this sincere tell-all from a former TFA teacher that was recently posted on Carla Ranger’s blog, a Dallas ISD School Board member (we have lots and lots and lots of TFA in Texas— Dallas, Houston, Rio Grande Valley etc.). John Bilby’s thoughts reblogged from Ranger’s blog: I left the organization because I felt

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Cross Sweden off voucher success story list

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Professor Henry M. Levin is a distinguished economist and director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He recently participated in a conference in Sweden convened by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to review the evidence about the effects of vouchers, which were…

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WTF: US “Reformers” arguments are antithesis of Finland

WTF: Why the Finnish? It is ironic that reformers and the popular discourse (such as films like Waiting for Superman) often cite Finland, the “West’s reigning education superpower,” but actually completely ignore their approach to reform. They often use Finland as an example of success and then overlay their own ideas for reforms that are the anti-thesis of Finnish system.

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