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Dear college student with exorbitant tuition bill: Blame your legislator

Legislators would have you believe that college tuition costs are soaring because institutions of higher education are “inefficient” and/or us faculty are just too darn lazy, why aren’t professors in the classroom teaching 8 hours per day? (myopic view of what we actually do…) Why aren’t graduate school classes 100 students instead of 15-20? (ask graduate students if they want

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Entitlement by “race”: What Abigail Fisher didn’t tell you…

Is it racist to think you are more qualified because of your ancestors? It seems that Abigail Fisher and her lawyers made an error assuming she was discrimininated against because of her “skin color.” She and her lawyers are preying upon the insecurity and insidiousness of racism that has sadly permeated our society for centuries. What is shocking about Fisher

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Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
In order to truly understand value added modeling (VAM), forget the likes of me and of others who hold degrees in mathematics, or statistics, or measurement. Forget that we offer solid, detailed discussions of the problems of VAM. Forget also that those who formerly promoted VAM, like Louisiana’s George Noell, are mysteriously “no longer associated with…

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TAMSA responds to charter proponents in WSJ

A few days ago I discussed a WSJ editorial that critiqued the Texas Legislature’s attempt to reduce the testing in Texas. They had called less testing “lowering the bar.” I also quickly analyzed the author’s charter chains college readiness data— which showed, not surprisingly, that their chain was underperforming the state by wide margins. Well, TAMSA has responded in the

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