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Ulterior Motives?: School “Reform”, Rich, Poor, and Land Grabs

Cloaking Inequity has explored the ulterior motives of school “reformers” in prior posts (See for example Walking Away From High Stakes Tests, A Noble Lie and Letter to Civil Rights and school “choice” advocate (p.s. neoliberals skip this) and Update on Smart ALEC: Education, Privatization, and the Pursuit of Profit. Recently, Leslie T. Fenwick, the Dean of the Howard School of Education explored their ulterior motives and wrote

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Students get some relief/freedom from testing in Texas?

Happy Memorial Day! On this day I remember my grandfather and all the courageous men and women who fought for freedoms. As of today, Memorial Day 2013, it appears that House Bill 5 is headed to Gov. Perry’s desk and that students in Texas will get some freedom from high-stakes testing— at least on the secondary level. Texas currently requires

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The Teat: Is Leadership for Educational Equity getting TFA’s dirty work done?

In our last segment of the The Teat, we discussed how education reformers have exploded 501(c)3 organizations to push corporate education reform.  Now we’ll focus on its big bad cousin: 501(c)4 organizations. But first, as is tradition, our cow haiku: Two cows in pasture A steak and a glass of milk Dinner is served now 501(c)4 organizations have recently been

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Rejoinder to Questions about Forces Determined to Segregate Higher Education

In the post “Merit” Apartheid: Forces Determined to Segregate Higher Education? I wrote: It appears more and more that there are forces that are determined to re-segregate higher education in Texas and elsewhere. The desegregation of higher education is currently inevitable in places like Texas under existing policies such at the Top Ten Percent Plan because of the rapidly changing racial demographics of students

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The Teat: IRS Loopholes/Conspiracy Benefitting School “Reformers”?

Heard anything about the IRS in the news lately? Here is more interesting scuttlebutt about the IRS and educational “reformers.” First, as is the tradition of The Teat, a cow Haiku: Every cow comes wrapped in cowhide, but that does not serve to hide the cow. Former IRS Commissioner, Doug Shulman, who resigned in November 2012, recalled his roots as an educational non-profiteer,

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