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Are Data and Statistics Bulletproof in Educational Policy Development?

Are data and statistics bulletproof for informing educational policy— objective and not subjective? This is an eternal debate between the positivist and the constructivist. For context, I am a constructivist —a reformed positivist who took 8 statistics courses during my doctoral program. To enter the constructivist v. positivist fray, I introduce a new peer-reviewed paper that will soon be published in

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“Oh, crap”: Accountability is Arbitrary and Political

In the 1990s, I worked for the Houston Independent School District and we had our own accountability system that ran parallel to the Texas accountability system. One year I was responsible for setting the formulas for our rating system (Exemplary, Acceptable etc) I remember one day sending my calculations for the accountability system to Coach Paige’s (former Secretary of Education

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The First Review of “Reign of Error”!

Diane Ravitch’s long awaited book is on its way. The First Review of “Reign of Error”!. Neoliberals, DFER, Walton, Gates, Parent Triggerers, etc… get ready… she is coming for you. 🙂 Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Want to know about Cloaking Inequity’s freshly pressed conversations about educational policy? Click the “Follow

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