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Who Should You Hire?: Contrasted Superintendency Leadership— Trickle-Down vs. Pedagogical

What type of superintendent should your community hire? A Pedagogical leader/reformer or an Administrative leader/reformer? As discussed on Cloaking Inequity recently in the post Taylor v. Dewey: The 100-year Trickle-Down vs. Pedagogical Debate/Fight in Education Reform, there is a breed of educational policy leaders in the mold of Arne Duncan and Michelle Rhee that prioritize entering urban school district administrative positions to execute educational

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Los Chistes: Party with Teach (Drink/Sleep) For America

Drink For America (DFA). Two free drinks to start and “learn” about the “Achievement” School District (ASD is modeled on Louisiana’s approach— see LA and the Recovery School District approach (SB1718): A P.T. Barnum Circus) Helps to explain the TFA alums stories about the alternative moniker Sleep for America (SFA)!?. 🙂 The party is BYOFWOT=Bring Your Own FIVE WEEKS OF TRAINING. Los

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Taylor v. Dewey: The 100-year Trickle-Down vs. Pedagogical Debate/Fight in Education Reform

We have a seat ringside in the education reform debates that pit pedagogical reformers versus top-down trickle-down reformers. The roots of the debate between administrative versus pedagogical reform philosophies has a nearly 100-year history. The progressive reform era in education in the 1920s came into prominence in the era of prohibition and rapidly changing student demographics. An awakening of social conscience

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Where are Educators?: Non-Education Nation is a Phony

I’ll admit it, I went to New York City as a panelist for Education Nation. In the post MSNBC Education Nation 2012 Part II: Demanding accountability from charters I discussed my altercation with Jonathan Alter, a non-education expert journalist, about a peer-reviewed charter study published in the Berkeley Review of Education that he called “cherry picking data.” I profiled the disagreement in the

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Q: Do Charters Spend More on Administration? A: Yes

I received a question over email querying if charters spend more on administration aka school leadership. I used t-tests to compare school leadership per pupil spending means from the 2010-2011 school finance data (the most recent cleaned dataset on my laptop) for all schools in Texas. Here is what I found: In elementary, charters spend $147 more per pupil than

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