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California Indian Voice in Schools…. Long Overdue

Imagine your reaction if your elementary aged child came home from school and announced that in order to get a passing grade in a class that they will have to construct a model that recreates the Twin Towers while under attack. Certainly, your sensibilities as with most of us who experienced the horror, the sadness, and the anger of the

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California NAACP takes stand on limiting role of School Resource Officers #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh

You have probably seen the video— a South Carolina School Resource Officer (a fancy name for a cop patrolling a school) bodyslams a Black female high school student while she is sitting in her desk, then he proceeds to throw her across the room. MSNBC reported, A cell phone video shot inside a South Carolina high school Monday appeared to show

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The Progressive Magazine: Education needs to be on the agenda at the Iowa Debate

I was recently flummoxed (this really is an underused word in the English language) by the lack of conversation about K-12 education in the recent Democratic debate in Las Vegas. The Progressive Magazine asked me to reflect on the dearth of coverage. Here is the piece they published Why The Democratic Presidential Debate Ignored Education The recent Democratic Party presidential debate in

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Charters: Illusion of Change? feat. @PedroANoguera et al.

What is typically different about charter schools and traditional schools both on a national level and to some extent locally? Teachers’ Democracy Project filmmakers answer this question in the new short documentary film “Charters: The Illusion of Change” A few months ago, I visited Washington DC to attend a Latino Leadership Weekend conference that was held at the University of Maryland Business School. During one

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