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.@DianeRavitch et al. talk Teach For America LIVE

Diane Ravitch, a parent, and Teach For Alums discuss LIVE on Truth For America whether a cyber war is being waged against TFA critiques, how communities can influence conversations about TFA, the role of TFA in the privatization of education movement, and the (in)adequacy of TFA’s summer training and pedagogical approaches. Truth For America is a podcast about Teach For America

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What Frustrates This Educator about Rick Hess

As a former high school English teacher in two large, urban school districts, I completely understand how educators, parents and policymakers who are wrestling each day with the most pressing issues facing public education — standardized testing, the effects of poverty on learning, opportunity gaps — might be a bit impatient with educational theory and research. Is this new theory

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Talking School Choice and NC Insanity on @RickSmithShow

On the Rick Smith Show we discussed school finance lawsuits, the false promise of charters, privatization of the $1 Trillion education spending in the US, market based reform, North Carolina bathrooms (oh, and their education “reforms”) and more. On Air Now @ProfessorJVH talking #Education in #NorthCarolina #TBATs @BadassTeachersA #BATsradio — Rick Smith (@RickSmithShow) April 25, 2016     In 2005, The

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Should Our Public Universities be Cadillacs or Chevrolets?

Do students of today deserve Cadillac or Chevrolet public universities? Whether you agree or disagree with the various ranking systems for K-12 and higher education— educators, policymakers and other stakeholders are paying attention to them. The U.S. News and World report rankings have had a variety of critiques levied against them over the years, but they are probably the most

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Disparaging OptOut? Ed Post Billionaire Front Job Laid Bare

Recently Peter Cunningham made comments disparaging the opt out of testing movement. @SavOurSchoolsNJ @leoniehaimson @JessedHagopian If you keep saying it, you might even believe it. — Peter Cunningham (@PCunningham57) April 24, 2016 @leoniehaimson Recruiting a small percentage of POC doesn't change the fact that opt out is largely driven by middle class whites. — Peter Cunningham (@PCunningham57) April 24, 2016

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