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Cyber warfare?: This blog post contains blocked content

Warning!: This blog post contains blocked content. All of the evidence that I am about to present to you may be purely coincidence and solely circumstantial. Like a good Sherlock Holmes mystery I’ll let you put the pieces together. It all began in 2014 with the post To Whom does (Censored) Give Power and Influence? The post covered Mapping the Terrain: (Censored) Charter

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A guide: 20,000 talking education #AERA2016

20,000 people are talking education this weekend in Washington D.C. If you are interested in student success, attending the AERA conference each year is a MUST. The conference is April 8-12 in DC. This year the conference theme is public scholarship. What is AERA? From the website: The American Educational Research Association (AERA), founded in 1916, is concerned with improving the educational

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EdWeek is WRONG about this

    In a recent EdWeek article, Douglas Harris asked, “Should K-12 Schools be Governed Like Colleges?” While frustratingly he did not come to any definitive conclusion on the matter, leaving the audience waiting for his next blog, I can already answer this in a pretty straightforward manner: NO.  The underlying questions at hand are as follows: Can markets, competition, and

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Ping! Hess, Ravitch, Heilig, Cabrera & Goldrick-Rab #AERA16 #AERAPubScholar

Here is an opportunity to communicate your questions about democratizing education knowledge directly to Diane Ravitch, Frederick Hess, Sarah Goldrick-Rab, Nolan Cabrera and Julian Vasquez Heilig. Your questions will be answered LIVE at the upcoming AERA conference. Communicate your questions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube using #AERAPubScholar. I have organized a Presidential Session at #AERA16 entitled Career Threats and Opportunities: What Is the Role of

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Center for the Study Support of Education Profitization

I am honored to announced today that I am forming a new educational policy and research center entitled the Center for the Study Support of Education Profitization. Please join and support this new and exciting career endeavor! The seed money for the new Profitization Center is as following: Gates Foundation $10 million (Maybe you were wondering why I was in Seattle

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