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If PARCC, Inc., Is the Owner of PARCC Items, Produce the Document Proving It

Originally posted on deutsch29: Mercedes Schneider's Blog:
In a letter issued around May 12, 2016, to professor Celia Oyler regarding Oyler’s publishing three “live” PARCC items on her blog on May 07, 2016, PARCC, Inc., CEO Laura Slover wrote the following as part of a warning email to Oyler: Parcc, Inc. is the owner of all intellectual property contained…

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PARCC CEO to Prof Who Posts “Live” Test Items: Reveal Your Informant

Email from PARCC CEO Laura Slover, sent to me and others by Prof. Celia Oyler, who writes at and who published a post referencing three “live” PARCC test items for grade 4: 5/12/16 Dear Professor Oyler: I am writing to respectfully request that you remove all of the material reproduced from the PARCC assessments reproduced […]

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Can @PARCCPlace BAN You From Seeing?

I think the students in our leadership and education policy classes at California State University Sacramento (scholarly and academic purposes) and the readers of Cloaking Inequity (news reporting) will be very interested in this new, ongoing case study where a PARCC, a testing company, is trying to limit the fair use of copyrighted material. Here is a case study that was

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