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“Union Shill”: I am more than a label, I am me

Drop Labels is a upcoming social media campaign using videos to share personal stories of individuals discussing a particular label that has impacted their life. At the end of every video, the filmed individual asks for their friends to upload their personal videos on DropLabels.Org to start a viral movement. They are also working with nonprofits to share stories of those that receive service,

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Has the @NAACP always had a critical view of charters?

Has the NAACP always had a critical view of charters? Is the recent NAACP resolution critical of charters consistent with the perspective of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and W.E.B. DuBois? Where did the idea for market-based education reform come from? Can we change our mind on charters? Julian Vasquez Heilig, professor and researcher, discusses these questions and more LIVE on We

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Hate and Love: Top Five @Twitter blocks and Top Ten Follows

We’ve all heard about celebrities blocking Twitter followers and fans because they cross the line— they bully, they stalk and other types of gross malfeasance (sometimes funny —> warning NSFW). I assure you that I am not guilty of any these activities (stalking, bullying and malfeasance) towards the following five folks that have blocked my tweets. So, I will propose what I suspect

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Teleconference: Parents and community groups demand charter accountability

Parents, superintendents, policymakers, think tanks, school board members, California Teachers Association and the ACLU are calling on Governor Brown to sign legislation to increase accountability and transparency at California’s public charter schools. Today, a media teleconference panel will occur to “outline impact on students from charter fraud, waste of taxpayer funds.” The coalition of parents, lawmakers and elected leaders, education leaders and community

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