What Crazy Will Trump and the Republicans Deliver?

I’m in shock. We clearly know what America is capable of…. considering our history, but in 2016? There are so many questions in my head about what crazy (and/or vitriol) Trump will deliver in the next 4 years. The Republicans have been promising lots of crazy if they took control of the US government, they now have unfettered control for the next 2 years— at the very least. What exactly will they do? So here are a few questions about Trump’s many, many insane campaign promises.

Will Trump and the Republicans institute a ban on muslims entering the country?

Will Trump and the Republicans created a system of privately-controlled “market-based” choice for all American schools?

Will Trump and the Republicans try to prosecute Hillary Clinton and “lock her up”?

Will Trump and the Republicans build a Great Wall of Trump between the United States and Mexico?

Will Trump and the Republicans “make” Mexico pay for a Great Wall of Trump between the United States and Mexico?

Will Trump and the Republicans try to limit the constitutional freedom of the press?

Will Trump and the Republicans make Newt Gingrich Secretary of State?

Will Trump and the Republicans make Rudy Giuliani Attorney General?

Will Trump and the Republicans make Sarah Palin Secretary of the Interior?

Will Trump and the Republicans abolish the Environmental Protection Agency?

Will Trump and the Republicans abolish the US Department of Education?

Will Trump and the Republicans get rid of health care provided by Obamacare for tens of millions of people?

Will Trump and the Republicans defund Planned Parenthood?

Will Trump and the Republicans ban Syrian refugees?

Will Trump and the Republicans close mosques that they deem a threat?

Will Trump and the Republicans target and kill the relatives of terrorists?

Will Trump and the Republicans bring back torture?

Will Trump and the Republicans abolish gun-free zones at military bases and in schools?

Will Trump and the Republicans deport 11 million immigrants illegally living in the United States?

Will Trump and the Republicans end constitutional birthright citizenship?

Will Trump and the Republicans no longer charge income tax to individuals earning less than $25,000 per year and instead require them to fill out a one page form that says “I win.” (Or how about just write it with a black marker on a Bud Light can and mail it in?)

Will Trump and the Republicans get rid of Common Core? (Okay, I like this one)

and, finally…

Will Trump and the Republicans “force Nabisco to make Oreos” in the United States and bully Apple into making its “damn computers” here.

I really need to hear from my elders… How did they feel when Nixon was elected? How did they prepare their community for what was coming? When I finish this post I am going to call my grandmother immediately. I’d also like to hear from Gary Orfield, Mike Kirst, Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, Angela Valenzuela and other elders whose wisdom we need at such a time as this. We really should set up a series of lectures and convenings to prepare our heart and minds for the next four years. I suspect the Trump presidency will challenge our notions of a civil and just nation and test the strength of our democracy.



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  • Perfect questions to remind us the struggle needs all of us.


  • Well, he’ll probably try to do all of those things, but some will not pass Congress, some are unconstitutional and are subject to legal attacks, and some things will cause us to take to the streets. This is a Revolution and we’re just getting started. Trump could actually be a helpful catalyst in moving the revolution forward and making our government and our country better — or even great. Keep on working. Viva la Revolucion!!


  • Good questions . We might not like the eventual actions of our white supremacist leaders, or those who still believe in the fairy tales about American exceptionalism.in an age where greed and fanatical evangelists. Those who prefer American ignorance, and good old boy scratch my back greed, in those running Washington. In those stacking the supreme court with Christian evangelists whose only goal is overturning Roe versus wade and protecting citizens United . .

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  • As much as we hated Nixon (even before we knew about the enemies list), he was not a complete monster. The EPA was created under Nixon, and while he failed to give us national health care (he tried), he did expand Medicare to cover patients with kidney failure. Before he did that, dialysis and transplant were rationed by unelected review boards whose decisions about who was treated always leaned to middle-aged and older white men. Republicans didn’t begin seriously drifting to full-on evil until Reagan, and the Democrats have drifted along in their wake. If you look at their policies, neither Bill Cllnton nor Obama were very far to the left of Nixon, and sometimes well to the right. They were just a little saner.

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  • Donald Trump won the rigged electoral vote, the vote our founding fathers created to keep the people in their place. Hillary Clinton won 50,413,445 votes to Donald Trump – 50,229,191votes. The American people did not chose Donald Trump for President. The rigged system meant to ensure the people’s vote comes second selected Donald Trump. You wanted to hear from the elders. Well this elders who was at the 1963 March On Washington, never stopped marching and never stopped dreaming. Dr. Martin Luther King is the model for us. Martin marched for justice no matter who resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Frederick Douglas said on the 24th anniversary of Emancipation: “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” America was never safe for men and women of color. First thing I did when Donald Trump was declared the winner was make my plan and hotel reservations for the 2017 Selma Jubilee. Voting rights must be protected, justice must be for all, hope must not reside in hate, and Black Lives must matter. I am returning to sacred ground this March to join my brothers and sisters at that Edmund Pettus Bridge marching across that bridge. Returning to Selma to rejuvenate this soul yearning for justice for all. Hilary Clinton said this morning that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion, let us have more faith in each other, and in the season to come.”
    Julian the elders say we keep marching, we return to the lessons from the struggle for justice, and we keep your eye on the prize equity and justice for all. America never knew justice and equity for all, but neither has America ever lacked for Justice Champions.
    This Walking Man is calling all champions of justice to Selma,
    Jesse The Walking Man Turner

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  • This result underlines the utter failure of our educational system to produce its most crucial function: to prepare our students for being part of an intelligent democracy. We have failed historically. And the dark times ahead will challenge our country, and the world. The stakes are not local, they are species wide, planetary in scope. We have known for decades that most Americans hold medieval beliefs about the most basic aspects of science, and that they lack the critical thinking skills and conceptual understanding associated with the 21st century. NO matter where you look evidence shows that the capacity to make judgments based on complex matters is beyond the grasp of most Americans. This is our failure, the failure of our educational system.

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