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Folsom Prison Graduation Address (No Blues or Jeans)

Last Friday, I was honored to give a graduation address at Folsom Prison. Folsom State Prison (FSP) is a California State Prison in Folsom, California, U.S., approximately 20 mi (30 km) northeast of the state capital of Sacramento… It opened 137 years ago in 1880, Folsom is the state’s second-oldest prison..  Folsom was also one of the first maximum security prisons, and as such witnessed the execution of 93 condemned prisoners over a

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Tell your California representative to support AB 1478

Should charters have open meetings? Should their data and information be readily available to the public? Should operators of non-profit charters be able to profit from their schools? If you your answers to these questions are Yes, Yes, and No. Then join in demanding charter transparency and accountability. With AB 1478 we have a legislative opportunity to give charter supporters the

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Breaking News: I’ve Been Approved to Open 5 Charters for 2017-18

Inspired by many, many deep and important conversations during the past year, I am proud to announce that I will open five new charter schools in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan. Well, kind of in Lansing, because they will be mostly online. In Michigan, “any parent, teacher, group or entity may apply for a charter.” So why not me!? Urban High

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