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Truth For America podcast now being syndicated

You can now find the Truth For America podcast syndicated via the John C Scott company. Truth For America is a podcast about Teach For America (TFA) that provides voice to educators, parents, students, and other key stakeholders. Truth For America is co-hosted by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig and Dr. T. Jameson Brewer. Truth For America is sponsored by the Network

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Exclusive: Charter leaders letter accuses CMO of racialized practices

I think you should know that there are things that charter supporters don’t want you to hear about. In fact, I believe the most convicting critiques of charters often come from their educators and parents. Several charter leaders (principals, Deans, etc.) are asking their Charter Management Organization (CMO) to start a dialogue and take action to stop racialized practices in their charter

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Betsy DeVos and Trump are WRONG: What We Know About School Privatization #NPE17CA

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have claimed that charters and vouchers are better options for students than public schools. The research tell us that she is wrong. The year 2017 marked the 4th annual Network for Public Education (NPE) national conference in Oakland, California. We joined with friends and allies to learn, share and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead

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Should Teach For America be kicked out? #NPE17CA

Is Teach For America’s approach to teaching, curriculum, and education policy so egregious that they should be kicked out of communities and districts? We discussed this and more with a Teach For America alum, a former Teach For America trainer and a current classroom educator in episode 15 of the Truth For America podcast. Truth For America is a podcast

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