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Public School System Charged with Fraud: Guilty or Not Guilty?

Viva Las Vegas! I was asked by FreedomFest to participate in Las Vegas as an expert witness for the defense in their upcoming event “Public School System on Trial.” FreedomFest is a gathering of about 2,000 Libertarian-minded folk. The event is well-known for its annual “mock trial.” The “trial” takes on an important issue and looks at it from all

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Review: The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools

  Susan DuFresne recently contacted me and asked for a review of her new book The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools. I relayed that I have already committed to 9 manuscripts (6.5 are finished) this year plus I owe Teacher College Press a book prospectus. So I asked Theresa G. Reed, one of California State University Sacramento’s most talented

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