Monthly Archives: August 2019

Spending an Hour Interviewing Trevor Noah

Enjoyed spending an hour interviewing Trevor Noah yesterday at the University of Kentucky’s historic Memorial Coliseum. The conversation focused on race and equality. Here are the questions that I asked: Many are familiar with your life story told in “Born a Crime,” growing up mixed-race in Apartheid South Africa. Are there particular lessons from your experiences that you think would translate

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The answers for schools aren’t just in Finland or Singapore.

I spent some time talking with Linda Blackford, the local column writer for the Lexington Herald Leader. She wrote a piece based on our conversation entitled The answers for Kentucky schools aren’t in Finland or Singapore. ‘You just have to go to Beaumont.’ Last year, University of Kentucky professor Wayne Lewis took an unpaid leave of absence from the College

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NEW study released: Are charter schools more intensely segregated?

We are honored today to release a new study entitled Choice without inclusion?: Comparing the intensity of racial segregation in charters and public schools at the local, state and national levels that examines segregation in the entire universe of US public and charter schools. In its landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954 [1], the United States Supreme Court powerfully

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