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Who Can We Boycott?: Who Benefits From or Invests in Pearson and Teach for America?

Who Can We Boycott?: Who Benefits from or Invests in Pearson and Teach for America?. Common Core’s Corporate Relations with Pearson and Teach for America (TFA) by Michelle Maher, Ph.D. Diane Ravitch’s new book Reign of Error outlines how hedge fund managers and investment advisors have organized a corporate takeover of public education, with dismal results. This blog points to which organizations

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Administration Forcing Detained Children to Attend Online, For-Profit Charter School?

Is the US forcing detained migrant and refugee children to choose an online, for-profit charter school in Texas? The stories of refugee and migrant children torn from their parents and sent to detention centers is one of the most heinous violations of human rights that United States has experienced in recent times. Sadly, it’s a continuation of discriminatory policies and

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Honored to Make This List

Honored to make the BAT’s list for the next US Secretary of Education! But I am enamored with the other esteemed members of the list and most impressed by Linda Darling-Hammond. Here is their press release: PRESS RELEASE The Badass Teachers Association FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: MARLA KILFOYLE, Executive Director BATs MELISSA TOMLINSON, Asst. Executive Director BATs 516-987-4405 BATs –

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Horror Inside Pt. 2: Charter Teacher Turns Whistleblower #SCW

Today Cloaking Inequity concludes an exclusive story written by Jennifer Ventimiglia, a veteran charter school teacher. This post is the continuation of the story that began in the post Horror Inside: A No Excuses Charter School #SCW After school on Friday, the day before winter break, I was called into the Site Director’s office… He said, “I just want to inform you that

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Common Core & Chaos in Computerized Testing: Are New Assessments Valid, Reliable, Secure, Accessible, and Fair?

Guest post by Roxana Marachi, Ph.D. For latest update (as of September 8th, 2015) please see: Open Letter to CA State Board of Education on Release of [False] SBAC Scores [Original post from July 6th, 2015] A recent report from the Public Policy Institute reveals that the majority of California’s public school parents are uninformed about the new tests their children took this past year. And

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