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First and Single Authored Articles in Professional Journals (*Refereed/Peer-reviewed) Vasquez Heilig. J & Brewer, J (in press). Purposefully Inserting Academic Scholarship via Social Media into the Public Discourse, Thresholds in Education, XX(XX), XX-XX.* Vasquez Heilig. J., Brewer, J., Kim, A. & Sanchez, M. (submitted) A Digital Ethnography of Teach For America: Analysis of the Truth For America Podcast, Education Policy

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To ALEC in Texas: School Vouchers are Poppycock

ALEC is meeting in Texas right now with a “shameless” agenda to privatize public education. Who is ALEC? In December 2012 Cloaking Inequity first profiled the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is a national organization “composed of legislators, businesses and foundations” with great influence and connections to extreme think tanks and supported by funding from corporations that are seeking to drive a public

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New Research: Vouchers Increase Segregation and Offer Benefits to the Few

We already know that vouchers increase segregation and offer benefits to the few. We don’t need to implement decades of vouchers to just turn back later. Findings from a newly released peer-reviewed study entitled Understanding How Universal Vouchers Have Impacted Urban School Districts’ Enrollment in Chile published in Education Policy Analysis Archives show that educational and mobility opportunities for families

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Reframing the Refrain: Choice as a Civil Rights Issue

Student achievement data in the U.S. show long-standing and persistent gaps in minority versus majority performance (Vasquez Heilig & Darling-Hammond, 2008). Public concern about pervasive inequalities in traditional public schools, combined with growing political, parental, and corporate support, has created the expectation that school choice is the solution for poor and minority youth (Vasquez Heilig, Williams, McNeil, & Lee, 2011).

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Conclusion: Are Vouchers a Panacea or Problematic? Pt. VI

Written in collaboration with Dr. Jaime Portales Voucher supporters in the United States and elsewhere claim (including Sen. Dan Patrick) that vouchers will improve the educational opportunities of disadvantaged students (Sugarman, 1999), and contribute to the social integration of middle- and upper-class students. Voucher supporters argue that, since school choice is already available to upper-class families through residential mobility or

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