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The “War Report” Radio Show: False Promise of NCLB for Public Education

Leave No Child Behind is a moniker appropriated from the military’s “Leave No Man Behind.” Perhaps the moniker belies the mindset of the authors of high-stakes testing and accountability policies, because we are in the middle of a “war” for public education with the privateers— those seeking to profit from our education system. (See Billionaires co-opt minority groups into campaign for

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Pawns of Industrialists and Financiers: Anti-Democracy Movement Gripping Education?

Cloaking Inequity is back! I am now stateside from a hiatus to attend meetings at the Brazilian Senate in Brasilia. I am addicted to pão de queijo. A few photos from the signing of a new collaborative agreement Brazil and the University of Texas at Austin. Speaking of the Senate… As young children, Americans are inculcated with an admiration of democracy— a

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Students get some relief/freedom from testing in Texas?

Happy Memorial Day! On this day I remember my grandfather and all the courageous men and women who fought for freedoms. As of today, Memorial Day 2013, it appears that House Bill 5 is headed to Gov. Perry’s desk and that students in Texas will get some freedom from high-stakes testing— at least on the secondary level. Texas currently requires

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I am giddy!!: Community-Based Accountability

I am giddy!! I had writer’s block all summer. I owed Professor Rich Milner and two co-authors (Dr. Muhummed Khalifa and Dr. Linda Tillman) my portion of a chapter for the upcoming Handbook of Urban Education to be published by Routledge. We were asked to write on a “direction for future work (and needs) in the field of urban education.” My co-authors had already

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