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BREAKING NEWS: Texas has first statewide African American studies course

After an extensive review, development and political process, Texas State Board of Education members Georgina Perez and Aicha Davis et al. have shepherded the first African American studies course to completion. Exclusive to Cloaking Inequity, I have obtained a draft of the new course that will receive a final vote today at the Texas State Board of Education. It is

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“Black and Brown”: African American Males in HSIs

Citation: Reddick, R. J., Heilig, J. V., & Valdez, P. L. (2012). Bridging a Black-Brown Divide: Black Male Students at Hispanic-Serving Institutions In A. A. Hilton, J. L. Wood, & C. W. Lewis (Eds.), Black males in postsecondary education: Examining their experiences in diverse institutional contexts, (pp. 183-208). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. Link to pre-published draft. What is an HSI? The Higher Education

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The Current and Dire State of African American Males

Scholars have considered the status of the African American male in recent years, relating terms such as “crisis,” “disappearing,” and “vanishing” regarding his educational experience (Blake & Darling, 1994; Harper, 2006). Social commentators, such as Illinois Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds— who recently remarked that Black men are more interested in drugs than education (Kacich, 2010)— often focus on perceived

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