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Standing up for Ethnic Studies

I was asked by a student on Friday at my Mi Familia Vota lecture at Rice University how Texas is different from California. Or why is California different from any other state for that matter? Well, California is debating a History-Social Science Framework’s (HSSFW) Ethnic Studies elective course. In Texas, the standards have essentially erased and marginalized communities of color

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Charters Push for Expansion Despite Denials and Resistance

On March 10th, the California State Board of Education will vote on an appeal petition to allow or deny the expansion of a Rocketship campus in the Monument Corridor of the Mt. Diablo School District in Contra Costa County, California.  Both District and County School boards have issued unanimous denials of the petition. And despite strong community opposition, Rocketship still pressed […] http://eduresearcher.com/2016/03/09/rocketship-pushes/  

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