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97.81% of Charter Schools not “Diverse By Design”

Charter schools are diverse by design? Holy sampling on the dependent variable Batman! All Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Football League (NFL) teams are good because look at the top of the standings! All music is great because look at the Top 40 songs! All college professors are great (or could be) because of the

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New Insights and Directions: Considering the Impact of Charter School Attributes on Communities of Color

The new issue of the Journal of Transformative Leadership & Policy Studies (JTLPS) is now LIVE! Issue 7.1 focuses on charter schools. The soft release of the journal to California legislators and staff will take place today at a private showing of Backpack Full of Cash hosted by a variety of organizations at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento. But

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The Public Agrees!: Charters are Overrated

Are charters overrated? The public says yes! More on that in a moment. The recent Intelligence Squared debate has resulted in a variety of new and important conversations. Via phone calls, social media DMs, and emails I have received quite a bit of feedback from folks that are for and against privately-controlled school choice. I also accepted a challenge from Chris (Citizen)

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