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.@Facebook Censorship and Jail

Facebook just deleted my profile photo. A cartoon which I thought was quite humorous and already had more than 100 likes. I wish I had the photoshop talent/exactatude to make such a cool and funny image, but the credit for designing it goes to Susan D. More Facebook censorship on behalf of the corporate education reformers. We discussed the coordinated

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Teach Thought: Reform, Charter Schools, Poverty and Politics

What’s the reason why Democrats and Republicans are afraid to discuss education in their stump speeches or debates? Will the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) federal education bill be better than No Child Left Behind? What are some positive attributes of charter schools? In this Teach Thought podcast episode Drew Perkins (Director of Professional Development at TeachThought) and Julian Vasquez Heilig answer

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A WOW from @HillaryClinton on Charter Schools

Hillary Clinton blew me away today. Honestly, I had been personally trending towards Bernie Sanders. I even tagged along last night to #FeelTheBern at a Las Vegas campaign rally. However, I was disappointed again that that Bernie said nothing about education besides that he will press for free college— which I do realize is a big deal considering the mountains of debt

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