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Does @EducationNext still get it WRONG on Gülen charters?

I am glad that Harvard’s EducationNext changed the original language in this piece about the Gulen charter schools and Turkey that incorrectly argued that the NAACP had rescinded its call for a charter school moratorium by stating that it had not been “renewed.” They have now taken that language out of the article online, but they still have not issued a

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Top 10s in 2016— Vote and Nominate Brightest Ed Policy Minds

Nominate and vote in this new poll. Who will or should make the biggest impact on education policy priorities in the 2016 campaign? Encourage your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections and others to vote and nominate too! Teach For America probably has their list. The DFERs likely have a list again (Do you think Arne Duncan is at the top

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From Dewey to No Child Left Behind: The evolution and devolution of public arts education

Vasquez Heilig, J., Cole, H. & Aguilar, A. (2010). From Dewey to No Child Left Behind: The evolution and devolution of public arts education. Arts Education Policy Review, 111(4), 136-145. This historical narrative tracks the evolution and devolution of visual arts education from Dewey’s progressive era pedagogy and the theory of the arts as experience through the modern accountability movement. Archival material, state curricular

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