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Discussing Teacher Education, Education Reform and Excellent Outliers in Education on 93.1

Julian Vasquez Heilig became Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Education in July 2019. Just before the annual holiday break Dean Heilig agreed to 93.1 at the WUKY studios to share his vision leading a College of Education, which hosts nearly 2,500 students in over 70 graduate and undergraduate programs. He discusses teacher education, charter schools, excellent outliers,

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Ignoring Giraffe on the Highway: Spiraling Inequality Is Really What Ails Education

The public discourse about education is full of “zip code should not determine destiny” memes. The reasoning is— if we ignore the giraffe driving down the highway (poverty), it won’t exist or matter. The challenge with treating the symptoms of a disease rather than the causes, is that the outcomes remain inconsistent. For example, if you get a tummy tuck,

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The Current and Dire State of African American Males

Scholars have considered the status of the African American male in recent years, relating terms such as “crisis,” “disappearing,” and “vanishing” regarding his educational experience (Blake & Darling, 1994; Harper, 2006). Social commentators, such as Illinois Tea Party candidate Al Reynolds— who recently remarked that Black men are more interested in drugs than education (Kacich, 2010)— often focus on perceived

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