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Charters and Access: Here is Evidence

So you might have had a chance to hear what charter proponents (lobbyist, talking heads etc) think about Hillary Clinton’s recent comments (See A WOW from @HillaryClinton on Charter Schools) on charters schools (i.e. Dear Hillary, Here’s where you’re wrong on charter schools: Column and Clinton’s Charter School Exaggeration). The Hillary campaign recently responded to these critics (See Yes, Hillary Clinton supports charter schools. She also supports equity and inclusion) Hillary’s

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Senate Testimony: Does Pre-K have 1700% more impact than Charters?

I was invited by Senator Mark Leno to testify at the California Senate Education committee yesterday. I was quite surprised that the California Charter School Association (CCSA) bused in a hundred parents of color to oppose SB322 , a bill primarily about collecting data on teacher turnover and school discipline, to argue the bill would “close charter schools.” That was a

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FREE CANDY Van (i.e. Charter Lobbyist), Civil Rights Project Response, Lottery Admissions and CREDO

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. For example, the van parked in front of your house offering free candy, you might want to avoid. Well, the guy driving that van might happen to be a charter lobbyist. California is home to more charter schools than any other state in the US. Cloaking Inequity previously took issue with the California

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