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JVH on KUT: “Education Experts Weigh Proposals’ Impact on Students”

Julian Vasquez Heilig gave an interview about “college” and “career” readiness to Veronica Zaragovia from KUT News. We briefly discussed the education bills passing through the Texas Legislature that are stirring debate on impact to students, especially minorities. See my earlier post Career and Tech: “Show me the money!” for thoughts on funding for career programs and the implications tracking students of color. Listen 1:49 Story as it

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Texas-style Community-Based Accountability?

Policymakers from Texas to California are either taking notice of Community-Based Accountability, and/or they are thinking on the same wavelength. The first positive sign that I posted on around New Years was that the High Performance Coalition of 20 districts in Texas empowered by SB 1557 were seeking to adopt a Community-Based Accountability and Assessment plan. Then, last week, Jerry

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