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Inequitable Opportunity to Learn: Student Access to Certified and Experienced Teachers

I gave a keynote for the Tucson Urban League yesterday and one of the topics of discussion was the persisting inequality in teacher quality for low income and students of color. On cue, The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) has released Inequitable Opportunity to Learn: Student Access to Certified and Experienced Teachers authored by Jessica Cardichon, Linda Darling-Hammond, Man Yang, Caitlin

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Linda Darling-Hammond: Can Public Education Survive Betsy DeVos?

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Linda Darling-Hammond surveys the wreckage of the privatization movement and assesses whether Betsy DeVos’s failed policies in Michigan will inflict further harm in the nation’s embattled public schools. The article is well worth reading. It contains useful data. However, I have some caveats. I greatly admire Linda and her scholarship, but we have…

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Hate and Love: Top Five @Twitter blocks and Top Ten Follows

We’ve all heard about celebrities blocking Twitter followers and fans because they cross the lineā€” they bully, they stalk and other types of gross malfeasance (sometimes funny —> warning NSFW). I assure you that I am not guilty of any these activities (stalking, bullying and malfeasance) towards the following five folks that have blocked my tweets. So, I will propose what I suspect

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Linda Darling-Hammond Storified: Enough is Known for Action!

Today in DC, Linda Darling-Hammond discussed what is known about school reform for a group of teachers convened by the NEA Foundation. She argued research, best practice, and leadership is converging perhaps as never before on a set of policy and practice levers to ensure that equity and excellence can be achieved systemically. Teachers and management are coming together in

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Table for 3: The Story Behind Dinner with Linda Darling-Hammond and Diane Ravitch

This past Wednesday I hatched an idea. Why not invite Linda Darling-Hammond and Diane Ravitch to dinner, two of my mentors, and the most notable and influential voices in education? Let me first start with the academic part of today’s blog post. Reddick and Vasquez Heilig (2012) discussed mentoring in the peer-reviewed paperĀ Constellations a Promising Strategy? Mentoring is defined as

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