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Local Accountability and Astroturf: Local Control without the Local Control

How can we banish No Child Left Behind’s top-down and narrow paradigm? Local control has been a bedrock principle of public schooling in America since its inception. NCLB sent us in the opposite direction of this traditional notion. A return to a traditional locally based educational policy can be again realized via a multiple measures approach to accountability that is democratically

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Accountability: California, the land of local control— wait, what?!

I have discussed a Community-Based Accountability approach since September 2012 here on Cloaking Inequity. California, land of where the government micromanages everything the land of local control— wait, what?! has announced a form of Community-Based Accountability in trailer legislation and tied it to school finance (Thanks to Kevin Welner for the heads-up). For extensive description from EdSource go here Brown details

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