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JVH on JCS Show: Remembering MLK Jr.

Julian Vasquez Heilig and John C Scott remember MLK Jr and discuss the state of society today. Conversation is followed by MLK’s final speech that called for unity, economic actions, boycotts, and nonviolent protest, while challenging the United States to live up to its ideals. For more conversation in the media click here. For more political punditry click here. Please Facebook

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Honoring MLK’s legacy (and not co-opting it)

While many new outlets and blogs had articles prepared to run on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I usually prefer to take in the experience and then write about it the next day (i.e. one of my personal favorite Cloaking Inequity MLK day posts is Honoring MLK: Remembered For the Extremist That He Was) My day began with the Sacramento parade honoring MLK’s legacy.

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Honoring MLK: Remembered For the Extremist That He Was

“The question is not whether we will be extremists… but what kind of extremists we will be…” Would MLK be a “school reformer” in the mold of Rahm, Bloomberg, Rhee or Broad?  Do you think he would be a member of the anti-union Democrats for Education Reform? Or anti-union Students First? Or support organizations that take money (Teach For America) from the

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