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New Insights and Directions: Considering the Impact of Charter School Attributes on Communities of Color

The new issue of the Journal of Transformative Leadership & Policy Studies (JTLPS) is now LIVE! Issue 7.1 focuses on charter schools. The soft release of the journal to California legislators and staff will take place today at a private showing of Backpack Full of Cash hosted by a variety of organizations at the Crest Theater in downtown Sacramento. But

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Betsy DeVos and Trump are WRONG: What We Know About School Privatization #NPE17CA

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos have claimed that charters and vouchers are better options for students than public schools. The research tell us that she is wrong. The year 2017 marked the 4th annual Network for Public Education (NPE) national conference in Oakland, California. We joined with friends and allies to learn, share and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead

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Mouth agape: What the data tell us about school closure in Chicago

My mouth is agape. Rahmbo, the quasi-Democratic mayor of Chicago is angling to close more than 50 schools— about 11% of the district. Ingrained in the American psyche since birth is the mantra not to trust politicians. Yet, we have handed over the keys to our public schools to mayors in many large cities from Chicago to New York to Washington D.C.

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