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Los Chistes: When Sandy Kress Met Rick Perry

To add a little humor to the education and public policy debate, Cloaking Inequity is starting a new series entitled Los Chistes (Also check out The Teat, which examines where various school “reformers” derive their funding). Cloaking Inequity has discussed Sandy Kress and Pearson in earlier posts. I teach a course called Critical Policy Analysis on Tuesdays. One of the students

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If it ain’t broke, break it: TX politicians now want NCLB for higher education

Texas politicians continue to be interested in finding elegant ways to reduce funding for public schools. Now they are aiming at the gems of our educational system— our colleges and universities. No Child Left Behind is coming to a Texas college and university near you. Yes, the Legislature that birthed NCLB wants to apply their outdated way of thinking about

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Soiled Legacy: The Birth of No Child Left Behind in Texas

There have been several articles describing the “Don’t Mess with Texas Revolt” against its own approach to high-stakes testing and accountability that was legislated in No Child Left Behind. Many Texans, regardless of their political stripes, are fed up with the current approach to high-stakes testing and accountability birthed here in the Lone Star State. There is this recent article in

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