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Upcoming Legislative Briefing: New Options for Assessment & Accountability

Looking forward to being back in Austin in two weeks to speak at a Legislative Briefing and discuss community-based accountability. The Texas AFT, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, and Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment (TAMSA) invite you to an Education Briefing entitled New Options for Assessment and Accountability. Now that Congress has (theoretically) left NCLB test-and-punish mandates behind and the Legislature

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TAMSA responds to charter proponents in WSJ

A few days ago I discussed a WSJ editorial that critiqued the Texas Legislature’s attempt to reduce the testing in Texas. They had called less testing “lowering the bar.” I also quickly analyzed the author’s charter chains college readiness data— which showed, not surprisingly, that their chain was underperforming the state by wide margins. Well, TAMSA has responded in the

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