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Teacher quality: Money matters or matters “somewhere” or not at all

Eric Hanushek and others have argued for decades now that “Money doesn’t matter” in education. He has hedged and said that it “matters somewhere.” Texas is that somewhere. Home to decades of school finance lawsuits (Edgewood etc.), including San Antonio v. Rodriguez, according to IDRA, is currently allowing differences of $36,000 per classroom. The state of Texas has fought school finance

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Education Summit: Top Five Most Inane Comments

A few day ago I spent the afternoon in an Education Summit hosted by the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute. The entire afternoon I wished I could respond to the discourse, so here are the top five most innane things I heard and my brief thoughts (not in any particular order). 1. Reduced funding to education is the “new normal”

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1st Annual Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award

Cloaking Inequity seeks to illuminate popular and dominant ideologies that purport to foment equality and close the achievement gap. Often well-intentioned citizens support educational policy that claim to create a more inclusive and better quality education system— unbeknownst to them— instead these policies magnify and hide inequality by utilizing an elegant, yet false, bureaucracy of data, research and media promotion.

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