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“Union Shill”: I am more than a label, I am me

Drop Labels is a upcoming social media campaign using videos to share personal stories of individuals discussing a particular label that has impacted their life. At the end of every video, the filmed individual asks for their friends to upload their personal videos on DropLabels.Org to start a viral movement. They are also working with nonprofits to share stories of those that receive service,

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Who’s right on unions?: #CesarChavez or @Campbell_Brown and @MichelleRhee

Who’s right on unions?: César Chávez or Campbell Brown and Michelle Rhee? The critics of teachers and their organizations come and go. For a while Michelle Rhee was the darling of the anti-union forces. In Michelle Rhee’s greatest hits, she was quoted as saying, “People often say to me the teachers unions are here to stay, that they are big players, that

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