“Time to invest in Latino children”

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Had an interview/conversation yesterday with Sandra Lilley (She’s featured in my Twitter background photo) from NBCLatino. Her article Census shows it’s time to invest in Latino children, says experts discussed the growth of Latina/os in U.S. Schools:

By 2060 Latinos will be nearly one of every three Americans, according to the latest Census report released today.  As the immigration and globalization expert Marcelo Suarez-Orozco said to the Associated Press, “the fastest growing demographic is the children of immigrants.”  Even though immigration and birth rates have slowed down significantly, Latino and other minority children are now almost half of all schoolchildren k-12, and they are the majority of students in states like Texas and California.

My thoughts in the article:

“My mother always said to me show me how you are spending your money and I’ll show you your priorities,” says Julian Vasquez Heilig, Associate Professor of Educational Policy and Planning, at the University of Texas, at Austin.  ”Texas cut 5.4 billion dollars from their budget two years ago, yet the majority of growth in student population has been among Latino students,” says Dr. Heilig.  ”A lot of the policy solutions — like increased voucher schools, which reduce education funding by 50 percent and put more of the burden on churches, for example — don’t invest in our kids,” he says.

Florida has also cut funding, says Heilig, and though the state points to 4th grade scores which are better than in other states, “it’s how Latino children perform on the ACT and SAT’s, and whether they graduate from high school, that matters, and here, the numbers are low,” he says.

See also the Washington Post’s repost of my peek at the “Florida Miracle” entitled “Florida’s real school reform record” here.

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