Breaking News: TFA kicked out of Houston

I just learned that the Houston Independent School District board deadlocked and TFA is out in Houston. More info as details become available.

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  • My opinion- the Stanford Social Innovation Review usually publishes puff pieces written by staff at various foundations.(Stanford is where an education professor posts a 37 page c.v. that omits the grants he receives-the same professor and an Impatient Optimist were featured at a summit sponsored by Gates last fall.)
    This spring, SSIR published a summary written by a self described “reporter” focused on a 2018 paper written by two professors (not Stanford) who selected an odd topic for research which happened to put a positive spin on TFA.
    Sceptics might think it was a PR campaign. has a bold new initiative scheduled for launch in 3 months. The program will focus on academic capture. They are looking for tips.


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