Is Teach For America as prestigious as it is perceived?

Truth For America is a podcast about Teach For America (TFA) that provides voice to educators, parents, students, and other key stakeholders. Truth For America is co-hosted by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig and Dr. T. Jameson Brewer.

Is Teach For America as prestigious as it is perceived? Julian Vasquez Heilig, T. Jameson Brewer and Barbara Veltri interview Angie Kraemer-Holland. Dr. Kraemer-Holland is the author of the study Skepticism, Gratitude, and the Neoliberal Narrative: TFA Teachers’ Conceptualization of Occupational Stature published in the Action in Teacher Education Journal. We discuss whether Teach For America is a prestigious choice or whether there are unintended negative consequences for Corps members.

Copyright permission from REM for use of song “World Leader Pretend” in Truth For America podcast worldwide:

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  • A friend’s friend, a small, shy TFA woman, was unprepared for the trauma of inner-city teaching. It was a disaster for both her and the kids. Frankly, I think it’s exploitive to send the overly young and inexperienced into situations best handled by those with more life experience and a culturally relevant background.


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