Tom Ficklin Show: Where Have All The Teachers Gone?

Today was a good day for public education.

The University of Kentucky School of Education Dean, a New York Director of The Art of Teaching, a Central Connecticut State University Professor of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education, were given a full hour to critically discuss the nation’s teacher shortage. These education leaders shared their concerns, hopes, and solutions. After over 1000 Facebook views within hours, and still growing, my thinking is seeds of hope were planted today.

Thank you to Tom Ficklin and the New Haven Independent FM 103.5 radio, who generously gave real educators the floor to talk solutions.

Watch here.

In this age when Mainstream Media seldom gives genuine, experienced educators anything but 30-60 second sound bites, the New Haven Independent and Tom Ficklin gave us a full hour. In that hour, connections were made across states, universities, and Civil Rights organizations. I say something powerful happened today.

I see an Education Spring Rising,

Dr. Jesse P. Turner

CCSU Literacy Center Director

Uniting to Save Our Schools

Proud Badass Teacher

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